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Handmade Candles

It will be love at first whiff when you shop from our Colorado Candle Company. Quality in Mind Candles come in many different scents. The more you know about our company, the more you’ll love our products. All of our candles are made of a 70/30 Paraffin and Soy wax blend, creating a commendable amount of benefits.

Like our other loyal customers, you will be a fan of the “candle throw” our candles offer. Candle throw is a term that describes how well scent travels through the air to fill a space. While scent and fragrance describe what the candle smells like, throw describes the quality of that smell – how strong or weak it is, and how well it fills the room. We are proud of the candle throw our products offers – and no matter what room you’re in, you will be able to enjoy its aromas.


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